The other half with Antfood

Behind every great animation is great sound. The Other Half is a new series where we hope to focus on many of the amazing companies… Read more

30 Seconds of Sound

Musician and sound designer Simon Pyke (Freefarm) recently released round two of 30 Seconds of Sound Visualised.


Patatap is an interactive animation/sound effects playground that’s perfect for a Friday. Created by Jono Brandel and Lullatone. Hint: Put on your headphones and tap… Read more

Radium Audio rethinks sound showreel

Radium Audio takes an interesting approach to their sound design and music composition reel. Love the picture-in-picture behind the scenes.

Combustion updates

Long-time sound design and composition powerhouse Combustion updates with a new site and work.

The Sound of LUX, OBEN

Amazing student work continues to pour out of French animation schools – this time from EMCA. (Above) Juliette Oberndorfer creates an entrancing, enigmatic story in… Read more

David Kamp: Sound Creatures

Who knows what kind of creature is making those snuffling noises in the bushes just behind you. Or the animal skittering for cover under that… Read more

Echolab updates

Sound design studio Echolab updates with slick work for Disney, Nike and more.

Macro Kingdom

Ethereal images and engrossing sound design in Macro Kingdom from Clemens Wirth. (Audio by Radium Audio.)