Indivi abound

Here’s a slew of individuals and their sites that that seem to be doing things right.

Doug Purver has apparently recently left Stardust to venture out on his own in the freelance market. While we’ve seen all the work before from Stardust; it’s nice seeing it all together here mixed in with some stuff I wasn’t personally familiar with. Killer music for the reel, also.

Michelle Higa also has a nice collection of work. Take a minute to check out her ‘love labors’, which boasts some interesting projects such as ‘Kinetoscope’, an interactive motion graphic art installation.

And Future Member, the site for Mike Slane, who has an incredible array of work and seems to be a major player for Motion Theory. EDIT: Mike is actually playing with the Exopolis crew these days.

Thanks to Jon Saunders for the heads up on these guys.