Zander Brimijoin and Arthur Jones: Man Man “Mister Jung Stuffed”

If I ever get lucky enough to go to a house-party in Hell, it’s probably going to look like this music video from Zander Brimijoin and Arthur Jones for the band Man Man.

Inspired by the Day of the Dead holiday, “Mister Jung Stuffed” is brimming with rich colors and crazy ornamented skulls. The video takes the viewer on a borderline NSFW ride, filled with little details and wacky characters, such as a gay werewolf, a drunk Santa hitting on a helper, Mr. T and many others.

The video was fully illustrated by Arthur Jones himself. Animation techniques included traditional hand-painted backgrounds and stop motion effects combined with compositing to—according to Zander Brimijoin—”create something that was both slick and rough.”

Watch “Mister Jung Stuffed” on Motionographer | Visit the official site