Boards Summit: Day 1 Round-Up

Despite a stagnant first-quarter this year, the turn-out at NYC’s Boards Summit was still pretty solid. Innovation in creative thinking, content-delivery and technology were a major emphasis as many of the global production community struggle to become relevant again while others share and capitalize on new their approaches.

Just off the elevators, the Extra-Curricular Gallery showcased art from directors, which included pieces from Blink’s David Wilson, MK12, Blacklist’s Against All Odds and Special Guest’s Vinicius Costa.

Stefan Sagmeister kicked off the morning after returning from a one year sabbatical. The key take-away was to take some time off and do something you’ve not done before. Upon returning to work, you might just feel like your job is your calling again.

H5’s Logorama was screened at lunch, which we posted a couple weeks back. Believe the hype. Not only is its concept and aesthetic (including over 3000 logos) worth talking about, but it is a solid piece of film making with epic camera-work, drama and a cinematic sound design delivered by Human.

Digital Domain’s Ed Eulbrich shared the teaser for Tron and also discussed the development of this project. To pitch it, they actually made the teaser first and then shopped it around. The project started with the director, Joe Kosinski, and styleframes — much like the process we go through to pitch commercials.

Aaron Rose, then shared some of his life experiences and discussed the importance of art projects that live in the moment. He shared some of the site-specific projects he has curated over the years as well as reinforced the mantra of, “Have fun, get paid and make the world a better place.”

Lastly, Psyop‘s Marie Hyon, Marco Spiers and Justin Booth-Clibborn ended the day with a Masters Class in creative process. They kicked it off with case studies from their Fanta (new and old), Michellin and Converse work. They then rolled that into a workshop which gave creatives a chance to come up with a music video treatment in 15 minutes. They supplied the cut up porn mags and pictures of kittens.

You can see some more pics and bits from today on our Twitter as well as live updates from day 2 tomorrow.

Also be sure to check out this year’s titles courtesy of Rhino.