More LDN Prodco Shake-Ups

As this year nears an end, we have seen a lot of global change in the commercial production world. Companies have folded or closed offices. Representation has changed. Moves to evolve, regain relevance or merely survive have been happening at a rapid rate.

It seemed things had begun to stabilize. However, the past week has seen some notable changes amongst some of the established players on the London scene.

This week, has closed its London office and formed a partnership with Stink (who also recently took on TEG‘s London roster) to provide production support in the UK and additional European markets. Stink will also gain access to’s branded entertainment and TV production capabilities.

Additionally, LA-based Biscuit Filmworks and London’s Independent have ended their six-year partnership. Producers for both companies say the split is an amicable one that follows an ongoing discussion about how Biscuit’s roster of directors can be best represented in Britain. “There is limited amount of time in a given work day to spend supporting a lot of directors,” says Independent’s MD (Jani Guest). “In order for us to continue to build Independent, we have to really focus in on our company as opposed to running two companies.”

This move for Independent also comes off the heels of the formation of their animation/digital division, “A Very Special Place,” headed up by Dan Dickerson (formally of Rokkit).

As noted earlier this week, John Hassay, founder and EP of London-based Blink’s music video arm Colonel Blimp has left the company after four years to pursue an undisclosed new venture. Amongst the waves of movement in Soho, it’ll be interesting see where one of pioneer’s of London’s new-school production scene plants himself next.