You’re Almost Here

Feels like deja vu all over again. At the end of this week, the best and brightest artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, writers, storytellers – meaning YOU – will finally descend down on Roseland.

Maybe you’ve been waiting months, maybe days, maybe you haven’t even bought your ticket yet — it doesn’t matter. When you get here, it will all be worth it. And this creative journey will spread from everyone to anywhere.

It’s set to be the creative event of the year. With so much happening on-stage and off, and the diversity of creative disciplines being represented, inspiration in every form will be on the plate. Are you hungry enough? For those of you who’ve been on the fence about F5, we encourage you to get yours as soon as you can.

Last time when we wrote this post, we defined our values – our ethos. This time, we’ve breathed life into them and created something very special by our own team. See it above.

We’ll see you all very soon.