Minivegas’ Twitter Visualizer for F5

Minivegas has taken many forms throughout their existence. Live-action, animation and VFX-driven work was their strength for years. However, they have recently been putting a lot of their creative energy in developing new technologies in the site-specific, interactive space.

Although F5 was almost six months ago, we felt this project definitely deserved some sharing. For F5, they created an interactive installation that visualized images and text from the F5 twitter feed and converted them into abstract shapes. They also made a sound-responsive version that played during the Tanya Morgan performance.

It’s an exciting time to continue to see traditional directors moving into these new spaces. People like Radical Friend, Champagne Valentine and LEGS (just to name a few) have showed an ability to seamlessly transition into this experiential type work as their studio-based predecessors like Imaginary Forces, Digital Kitchen, etc.