OFFF 2012 Titles

Upperfirst has collaborated with Brosmind to create this fantastically original opening title for this years OFFF festival in Barcelona. This epic and entertaining tale plots the saviour of the earth via a comical space-laser driven solution and then some. Erik Arheden from Upperfirst explains the collaboration with Brosmind; “They were to develop a double-feature comic book and our job was to create the film. After meeting with them in Barcelona earlier this year we went home and developed the script. We had to lock down the story early on as Brosmind would do the comic books parallel to our work with the film and the two projects had to be intimately connected.”  It is refreshing to see such original, offbeat storytelling for what can sometimes be a very serious arena of opening titles.

Production Company: UPPERFIRST
Concept Development: BROSMIND/UPPERFIRST

Head of 2D animation: Martin Nyberg
Ink & Paint: Frej Bengtsson
Ink & Paint: My Eklund
Ink & Paint: Veronica Wallenberg

Original music: Kungen & Hertigen
Sound Design: Transfett
Dub Artist: Andy Lundgren

Additional compositing
Compositing artist: Robin Jakobsson
Compositing artist: Anton Bohlin

Additional 3D
Modeling artist: Radek Jakubiak
Lighting artist: Magnus Hagerman
Modeling artist: Mikael Mellbris
FX artist: Anders Egleus
Character animator: Sebastien Kunert

Casting & Make-up
Styling & Casting: Suzi Lindell Bergman
Casting & Make-up assistant: Lisa Sundlöf
Make-up: Angelica Wallinder

On-set crew
DOP: Anders Holck, DFF
1st Assistant Camera: David Kristensson
Lighting Technician: Peter Andreas Nielsen
2nd Camera: Johan Hedelius