The Unofficial Start of Summer

Well, its here again: searing heat, freezing water, jelly rolls and mosquitoes.  Although the proper start of Summer isn’t until late June, Memorial Day Weekend in the US is the unofficial spark of mid-year festivities surrounding the fire in the sky – namely, the opening of swimming pools.  (Personally, I frightened guests at two different bathing locales this past weekend.)  So, let’s pay homage to this annual tradition with a few favorites from recent years:

Swimming Pool by Alexandra Hetmerova

On Time Off by Bill Porter

And while many of us are preoccupied with the elasticity of our swimming garb, let us also remember the true reason for Memorial Day and pay respect to those who have served and lost their lives for our freedoms.

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Swimming Pool
Animation, Script, Director: Alexandra Hetmerová
Sound Designer: Jan Sleska
Film Editor: Adam Patyk
Production: Barbora Prikaska
Produced at FAMU (Academy of Performing Arts Film School, Prague)

On Time Off
Bill Porter
Sound Design: Shervin Shaeri
Produced at RCA (Royal College of Art, London)