Nathan Love Updates: McGraw Hill and Ring Force

Nathan Love for McGraw Hill: “Wonders”

With their latest batch of work, Nathan Love gets in touch with their inner child by rolling out two projects that  not only showcase their strength as an animation studio, but also as storytellers. In Wonders, the studio joinsforces with McGraw Hill Education to  brand the companies all-encompassing reading program for kids. With a family characters, Nathan worked closely with McGraw Hill to create a dazzling, kid-friendly world that would be translated to the companies vast range of digital media, web products, and marketing material.







But Nathan’s work didn’t stop at an animated trailer full of enchanted characters (above), but included up to 20 custom book covers for McGraw Hill textbooks (see below). The studio elaborates on the process of creating the book covers:

“In designing the covers, we wanted to take young readers on a visual adventure. As they progress from Kindergarten through 6th grade, our covers are designed to grow with them. The world expands around them – getting bigger and more complex as the story moves forward. The characters also grow in complexity, from simple shapes and primary colors to increasingly detailed and sophisticated designs.”


To see all of Nathan Love’s book covers for McGraw Hill’s Wonder, in context, see here.



Nathan Love: “Ring Force”

In their second featured project, the studio got in on the 2012 Olympics fun by creating a children’s book celebrating the 2012 Summer Games, called Ring Force. Written by Bryan Brown and illustrated by Nathan Love, Ring Force. The book chronicles the adventures of five kids with a larger-than-life mission:

“The Olympic dream… 
Five kids striving for greatness…
Their mission: To keep the flame alive.
Their destiny: To save the entire world.
They are RING FORCE.”


McGraw-Hill Reading “Wonders”


Produced by: Nathan Love


Executive Producer: James Braddock

Head of Production: Derrick Huang

Production Manager: Dennis Samatulski


Creative Directors:

Joe Burrascano & Anca Risca


Story Development:

Joe Burrascano, Anca Risca, David Lobser & Sigmund Lambrento


Character Design / Cover Layout:

Sigmund Lambrento, Anat Even-Or, Morgan Schweitzer, David Lobser



Sigmund Lambrento, Joe Laney


Animation Director:

Ryan Moran


3D Character Artists:

Mary Ibosh, James Chan, Luis E. Perez, Ylli Orana, Christina Ku, Triston Huang, Eric Xu


3D Environment / Layout Artists:

Triston Huang, David Avetisov, Eric Xu, Luis E. Perez, Mary Ibosh, Bertrand Avril, Danielle Charles


Matte Painting:

Natasha Saenko



Natasha Saenko, Triston Huang, David Avetisov, Eric Xu, Ylli Orana, Bertrand Avril



Ryan Moran, Dave Han, David Lee, MinSeok Jeon


Rigging TD’s:

Lukas Wadya, Amy Hay


FX TD’s:

Stephen McKenzie, Ylli Orana, Shane Simpson



Herculano Fernandez, Natasha Saenko, Sohee Sohn, Kristjan Zaklynsky, Zack Lewis


Pipeline TD / Systems:

Stephen McKenzie, Alex DiStasi


Original Music & Sound Design:

Drew Skinner



Ring Force

Produced by: Nathan Love


Executive Producer: James Braddock

Head of Production: Derrick Huang

Production Manager: Dennis Samatulski


Developed by:

Joe Burrascano & Anca Risca


Designed & Illustrated by:

Sigmund Lambrento


Edited by:

Matt Cochran, Derrick Huang


Additional Illustrators:

Ellen Su, Joyce Li, Wendy Park, Jamie Lou Manuel, Sebastien Iglesias, Emmanuelle Leleu, and Jessica Namnum