HunterGatherer for AM Lab, “Schmutz!”

Greasy screens? Not if HunterGatherer has anything to do with it! In Schmutz!, the gang gets down and dirty with AM Lab: a Danish company with a long history of making cleaning products for high-tech gear. As with most of the studios work, the piece stands on its own, but was meticulously crafted in the house-style that HunterGatherer has come to be known for. Todd St. John, director of the piece and founder of HunterGatherer, elaborates:

“The stop-motion animation reveals the dirty truth behind your gadgets, illuminating the hidden filth you don’t always see. The AM line is beautifully designed, and we wanted to tell the story using the actual products, treating them like characters. We created ‘The Schmutz’ using a projection, literally trying to cover the gadgets with its pulsating nastiness.”

As a treat, the team also sent us these animated gifs featuring the spots own little robot guy. Enjoy! GIF 1 GIF 2 GIF 3