Nothing odd about it. Oddfellows does it again. Awarded Motion Award gold.

The Blend Is Near / Oddfellows



Title sequence for a live event (e.g. conference, festival, summit)


The Blend Is Near

Our friends at Wine After Coffee asked us to create the opening titles for Blend Fest 2017. It was an open brief with one little twist – include the names of the 350+ attendees in addition to the guest speakers.

A harmless trip to the pet shoppe unleashes spherical chaos on Canada’s western provinces. Think Gremlins but with more balls. A runaway pet starts bowling for humans, absorbing everything in its path until it inevitably bursts, spilling its creative juices everywhere.


Client: Wine After Coffee

Directed by: Oddfellows

Executive Creative Direction – Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter
Creative Direction: Josh Parker, Jay Quercia
Design Direction: Jay Quercia
Animation Direction: Josh Parker
Producer: Erica Kelly, TJ Kearney
Story: Josh Parker
Design: Jay Quercia, Khylin Woodrow, Sarah Beth Hulver
Cel: Josh Parker, Stan Cameron, Khylin Woodrow, Tyler Morgan, Kavan Magsoodi,
Ben Ommundson, Jordan Scott, Jay Quercia,
2d Animation: Jordan Scott, Chris Kelly
3d Animation: Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter

Music and Sound: CypherAudio – John Black, Tobias Norberg and Jeff Moberg

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