Celebrating the 2020 Winners | Bugged


Project created as part of school studies by a single student (not including sound design or music composition)


A newly explored place where bugs can be bugs.

We decided to explore/capture tangible materials and claymation references which were then translated in 3D. We started with sculpting clay figures and taking special note of how lighting and imperfections were beautifully apparent. The gentle mix of just about everything became the perfect recipe for Bugged.


Direction, Design, Animation, Fabrication, SFX:
Doug Alberts

Song – La Puerta by Frankie Reyes

Special Thanks:
Peter Alfano, Joe Donaldson, David Brodeur, Morgan Williams, Nora Gafney, Jared Greenleaf, Dante Rinaldi, Jill Taffet, Ed Cheetham.