At Motionographer, we’re constantly asking ourselves:

How can we give more?

More content, more inspiration, and more value to our audience.

Sometimes it takes going that EXTRA mile to really make a difference.


We know it’s been a tough 18 months, so we’re giving our TMA family an EXTRA TWO WEEKS to fulfill their submissions.

The new final date for entries will be 07/13/2021.

But that’s not all.


If you’ve already entered, you now qualify for an EXTRA SUBMISSION

for every paid entry at no extra fee.

So, you can now enter additional pieces of work in any category of your choosing.

As for all of those that like to leave it to the last minute, don’t worry; we’ll give you an extra entry with every new submission too.


Yes! You read that right: we’re giving you an EXTRA chance to win and an EXTRA two weeks to compile your best work from 2020.

So, if you couldn’t decide what category you fell into, you hadn’t worked up the courage to enter your passion project, or your dog spilled coffee all over your new MacBook Pro, now is the time to put all that aside and make it happen.

Jump online and get ready… 

This might be the year you make the headlines!