Profile: Tom Rainford

For the first in our Profile series, Motionographer's Joe Donaldson chats with UK-based Tom Rainford about his unique approach to the industry.

Q&A: Throne “Tharsis Sleeps”

What says "heavy metal" more than a few thousand frames of animated embroidery? Here's how it was done.

TalkTalk: Model Britain

Rattling Stick’s Danny Kleinman brings miniatures to life for British telecom provider TalkTalk.

Julia Pott: Belly

Julia Pott (Hornet) is one of those rarities: an animation director with a unique voice who can actually make you feel something. The common denominator… Read more

McLaren Animation: Tooned

What do you get when you cross Framestore and McLaren Group? Result: McLaren Animation. Tooned is their first of twelve, three-minute episodes for broadcast during the… Read more

Collapsing Cooling Towers

Britain’s Big Six energy companies are at the center of a political storm over ethical violations and the lack of progress in moving toward green… Read more

Airside London 1998-2012

It’s a sad day when one of your favourite studios decides to call it a day. When I was studying my degree, Airside were one… Read more

DANIELS: Weetabix “Dancer”

A cute little girl takes a bite of her Weetabix breakfast. That’s the usual cue to dive into the bowl for a cereal-inspired world of… Read more

Channel 4 Street Summer promo

Update: MPC’s behind-the-scene ‘making of’. Fascinating stuff! Given the recent riots and looting that’s been plaguing England, I cannot help but post this “Street Summer”… Read more

Siggraph 2011: Technical Papers Fast Forward

Hi Motionographers! We’re at SIGGRAPH 2011, here in beautiful Vancouver. SIGGRAPH is the Association for Computing Machinery’s annual conference on computer graphics, where you can find… Read more