The Mill Plus.

The Mill Launches The Mill+ A new that showcases their soup to nuts projects as directors and designers. Stay tuned for a full update… Read more

Paying To Work For Free

Last week VFX Soldier exposed a scheme by Digital Domain to offer students at their taxpayer-subsidized university program the opportunity to work for free on… Read more

the latest VFX scam

TAG skewers Yurcor (and The Mill): “The latest VFX scam: get the artists to pay the taxes.”

Challenging the Hold System

Photo by Kecko Recently, we posted a review of Frank, an online tool thatĀ facilities the holding and booking of freelance talent. In the comments, though,… Read more

Questioning the Freelance Dilemma

A recent article at Animation World Network has stirred up many passionate comments from freelance visual effects artists in the industry as well as a… Read more