Giantstep Creates Epic Cinematic Trailer For “Quantum Knights” Video Game

Creative technology company Giantstep recently partnered with LINE Games and Space Dive Games to create a CG trailer for Quantum Knights, a new online third-person shooter game set in a medieval fantasy world where magic and firearms exist. Setting the stage for the 2022 release of Quantum Knights, the cinematic trailer revolves around a great battle in medieval history using magic engineering.

“We developed a storyline that would allow us to create the visual intrigue and level of realism we wanted to include in this piece while meeting the time constraints,” says Giantstep VFX Supervisor SIMS, who has worked on game trailers for Newborn, Star Wars, and MARVEL Future Fight. “Thankfully, the client gave us a lot of creative freedom and trusted our ideas and direction.”

Giantstep handled the project from start to finish, including story planning and look development, animation, VFX, lighting, and composition, as well as editing and sound direction. Since the piece features actual firearms and realistic action, Giantstep planned out the action sequences, backgrounds, and character layouts based on motion capture shot at its in-house mocap facility.

Giantstep also edited a series of Quantum Knights gameplay videos, which were shown at LINE Games Play Game 2021 during a keynote announcing new flagship projects for PC, console, and mobile.

“At Giantstep, we’re committed to crafting cinematic stories while offering high-quality 3D production in a more efficient and innovative way,” concludes SIMS. “It’s why we’ve developed a complete virtual production system using Unreal Engine, as well as our own proprietary tools and software.”

Client: LINE Games / Space Dive Games
Production & VFX Company: Giantstep
Director: SIMS
Music & Sound Design Company: Echoic Audio

About Giantstep:

Giantstep is a creative technology company that partners with brand, agency, and entertainment clients around the globe. Pushing the boundaries of digital media, we leverage design, visual effects, animation, programming, virtual production, and more to reimagine consumer experiences between the virtual and physical worlds. Giantstep has offices in Los Angeles and Seoul.