Hui Kai Su | MSI Product Launch 2021 – Opening Film

Hui Kai Su

From the creator:

It has been an amazing journey creating this film for MSI. By creating a different aesthetic approach, we refresh the brand image with light installation art, separate MSI from other gaming product videos.

Tech meets aesthetic is the core concept of this project. We use “light” as a character to reinterpret the act of exploration that comes from using technology. Without the existence of technology, we may still be living in the dark. As the light starts to wander in the spaces, it initiates transformation, and triggers the progress. Different colors of the lights represent various emotions. Not only, the light brings out the human side of technology, but it also indicates the possibility of interactions that might occur with the spaces. Now, we lured everyone to join this party.




Client | MSI 微星科技
Produce by Hui Kai Su
Creative Director | 蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su
Executive Producer|陳時銘 Thomas Chen


開場形象影片 Opening Film|空集設計 Nulls Design

Director|劉承杰 Jie Liou
Art Director|劉承杰 Jie Liou、蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su
Ideation | 蘇暉凱 Hui Kai Su
Producer|董建潁 Jhin Dong

Script|劉承杰 Jie Liou
Storyboard|陳婷安 Tingan Chen
Styleframe Design|劉承杰 Jie Liou、陳婷安 Tingan Chen、岳乙宏 Hakurei Neko、洪嘉震 JiaZhen Hong
Motion Design|劉承杰 Jie Liou、陳婷安 Tingan Chen、岳乙宏 Hakurei Neko、洪嘉震 JiaZhen Hong
Compositing|劉承杰 Jie Liou、陳婷安 Tingan Chen、洪嘉震 JiaZhen Hong

Sound Design|了然工作室 Liaulian Studio
邱俊霖 Andy Chiu、黃柏翰 Gregory Huang


主影片3D場景設計 Main Film 3D Design|空集設計 Nulls Design

Art Director:劉承杰 Jie Liou
Styleframe Design|洪嘉震 JiaZhen Hong、劉承杰 Jie Liou


Special Thanks to 張亨利 Henry Chuang