UoU Studio | JOOX – Live Your Music

UoU Studio

Invited by JOOX, a Tencent overseas music platform, we created a conceptual promotional video.

We are given extreme freedom that allows us to present the diversity and flexibility of music.

We combined motion graphics, cel animation, stop motion, hand drawing and 3d animation to depict a splendid music world.

Credits: CREDITS
Client: Tencent-JOOX
Production Company: UoU Studio
Director / Yixuan Cheng
Design / Chiū
Scene Design / Chiū
Character Design / Chiū
Character Modeling / Mr.tomorrow
Character Lookdev / Mr.tomorrow
3D Character animation / BANMA Animtion
ENV lighting / Mr.tomorrow / pengcece
Character lighting / Mr.tomorrow
Rendering / Mr.tomorrow/ pengcece
3D Compositing / Mr.tomorrow
Crowd / Renew Cheung
Stop Motion Set / Yerr / MaoD
Stop Motion Animation / Yerr / MaoD
2D animation / Yixuan Cheng / Xiaobing / MaoD
Final Compositing / Yixuan Cheng
Music / Kambiz Aghdam

From the creator:

这次受音乐平台JOOX邀请 制作了一条概念宣传片。这个项目给了我们极大的自由度,让我们从MG 到 三维 定格 逐帧 手绘 多个不同的风格都融入进来,以此来表现一个多元的音乐世界。