Nick at Nite – Supercut

Transistor Studios

Check out the fun, mixed media approach in these IDs from Transistor Studios.

This supercut is a sampling of the 32 total IDs. Three teams worked on the production for Transistor: five designers, a seven-person crew for the live-action shoots and a five-strong team of artists and animators.

From the creator:

Directed By Transistor Studios


Creative Director - Aaron Baumle

Executive Producer - Damon Meena

Producers - Lauren Hanson, Spencer Ockwell, Nolan Rosemond

Director - Aaron Baumle

Director of Photography - Haroun Ibn-Mock

Line Producer/UPM: Nicole Real

Production Assistant - Zach Resnick

Design Direction - Aaron Baumle, James Price

Art Directors - Geoff Keough, Lyejm Kallas-Lewis

Designers - Aaron Baumle, James Price, Geoff Keough, Lyejm Kallas-Lewis, Ryan Weibust, Chris Guyot

Art Department - Erin Welsh, Andy Egan, Ryan Weibust

3D - Geoff Keough, Chris Guyot

Animators and Compositing - Geoff Keough, Lyejm Kallas-Lewis, Ryan Weibust, Chris Guyot, Robert Jan de Vries

Color Correct - Aaron Baumle

Music - Dave Edwards

Sound Design - Rob Tebow

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