Robotina | Farah – Fountain of youth

So What Pictures

From the creator:

"Without You It Rains Everyday"...Farah laments as she hypnotizes us once again. Effortlessly alternating between English & Farsi, her vivid brand of poetry is one of a kind. Directed by Rome's Robotina & produced by Johnny Jewel, "Fountain of Youth" is the latest single to hold us over while we anxiously await her full length. The animated short film pays tribute to her grandfather Ali Nemat’s legendary Khatam work. As a prominent figure in the sphere of Persian art, he specialized in intricately inlaid work by hand. Nemat was the first to break the mold of geometric patterns. This film pulls inspiration from his work as well as Farah's Persian heritage. Our heroine walks the streets of her dreams alone. In a world where ancient shapes morph into modern forms...echoes from her past become the road of her future. Her search for everlasting life continues in "Fountain Of Youth".

CREDITS: Directed by Robotina
Graphics Alessandro Strickner
Animation Yassmin Yaghmai Sara Taigher Sabrina De Marco
Produced by So What
Music Label: Italians do it better