Michael Langan’s Skoda Tango

The karmic balance of the creative universe has just been pushed a small degree out of the black with the creation of Michael Langan’s recent… Read more

VW Rollercoaster

Fun POV CG in the VW Rollercoaster website

BIF/The Mill: Ford Pop-up

Directing trio BIF creates this Ford pop-up spot for The Mill… proving that animations based around pop-ups can still be pushed after all this time.

Audi “Progress is Beautiful”

Careful planning and beautiful execution combine in this camera-controlled spot for Audi, “Progress is Beautiful”

Sehsucht for Smart

Sehsucht tears it up in this elegant spot celebrating 10 years of the Smart fortwo

Buck for Coke and James Bond

Using the classic title design work of Maurice Binder to guide them, Buck crafted this new Coke Zero tie-in to the forthcoming James Bond film,… Read more

King & Country Takes Us On The Ride

Santa Monica based King and Country creates a lush world, filled with fun details and a clever metaphor for their new internal project.  “The Ride,” loosely follows… Read more

Barbecue for Lexus Hybrid Drive

Looks like our fellow German mographers have been keeping busy! Following our latest Deutsch features, this two minute Lexus Hybrid Drive short by Frankfurt-based Barbecue… Read more