Carboni Studio: “All Over”

Chris Carboni and a small team gracefully stitched together this cinematic survey of a music video. We asked Chris about the making-of logistics: “This video… Read more

Casey Hupke

Casey Hupke updates with a new reel and new work showcasing his directing, animation, 3D and design talents.

Dvein Gets Xcentric

Barcelona-based Dvein gets eccentric with six beautiful ident-like spots for the experimental cinema‚Äôs exhibition, Xcentric. The exhibition will feature 50 years of Spanish, independent cinema… Read more

Vanishing Point

Lovely abstract 3d video goodness from Takuya Hosogane. (Thanks Arvid)

PUCK Cinema Opener

Lovely little opener animation for PUCK mobile cinema by Carles Porta, with the help of Ruben Hengesbach (animation).