Classic Quickie: Time and Space

Motionographer Classic Quickie: orders of magnitude in time and space: Al Jarnow’s Cosmic Clock, Charles and Ray Eames’ Powers of Ten, and Bud Luckey’s That’s… Read more

Classic Quickie: Optical Printer Edition

Motionographer Classic Quickie: Optical Printer Edition. Check out FXPHD’s article on the optical printer for some hardcore old school compositing. And while you’re at it,… Read more

Frans Schupp for VARA

Incredible series of idents designed by Frans Schupp in 1982 for Dutch public broadcaster VARA.  Schupp’s intern Robin Noorda (now an independent animator) recently restored… Read more

Classic Quickie: Jim Henson Commercials

Motionographer Classic Quickie: Jim Henson’s surreal commercials for Wilkins Coffee, Linit Fabric Finish, Pak Nit RX, and the lovable LaChoy Dragon. Spotted at AMMI’s Jim… Read more