Trexel: SuperBot

Introducing SuperBot in “A Magnifying Glass”, the pilot episode of a proposed children’s animated series, by Trexel Animation in Argentina.

Ricardo Winter Bess

Two nice motion tests by Brazil-based Ricardo Winter Bess. Elektra and Gravity.  

12 Days of Elves

Some devilish minds (who wish to remain anonymous) have whipped up a dozen gruesome but chuckle-worthy animations, 12 Days of Elves. EDITOR’S NOTE: At the… Read more

LAIKA: Box Trolls Trailer

Hardcore behind-the-scenes lovin’ in the new Box Trolls trailer from LAIKA. Hat tip to Cartoon Brew.

Ian Worrel: Gravity Falls

Catching up with some lovely concept art and backgrounds by Ian Worrel for Gravity Falls, Paranorman, and more. Make sure to check out this nice… Read more

Mark Wincek: Lumin

Hunting with light, a nice story idea and lighting execution in Mark Wincek’s mid-year school project, Lumin.

Sumo Science: Sudafed Mucus Relief

Great character animation and materials in this short ad for Sudafed by UK-based Sumo Science (Ed Patterson & Will Studd).

Birdo Studio: Gloom

Birdo Studio presents a Japanese-inspired kaiju Brazilian┬ámusic video. (“Kaiju” is a Japanese word which literally means “strange creature”, like the ones in the movie Pacific… Read more

Adam Gault Studio: FX Idents

Who’s making all those fun idents for FX? Oh, it’s Adam Gault Studio. Check out American Horror Story, Always Sunny S9, and The Bridge.

Samuel Blain: In Dreams

Samuel Blain’s graduation film “In Dreams” is a creepy catalogue of real people’s dreams.

Plenty: Fox Life Package

Sharp package for Fox Life anchored in solid graphic design from Plenty. Tip o’ the hat to Chris DiNicholas!