Shilo/Attik: Scion xA Shadow


Alright, suprisingly from all the crazy amounts of workload I’ve managed to fit a few moments – I thought this had to be seen!

You might have seen Bulldog and Demon posted here before. Shilo recently worked with creative agency ATTIK for this addition to the Scion family of visually driven TV Spots. Shadow (which just aired yesterday) is 15 seconds longer than it’s previous counterparts and doesn’t fail to deliver.

“A full ninety percent of the spot is entirely computer generated and the remaining scenes contain numerous CG elements.” As well as mixtures of photography and hand-painted textures.

Watch this at least twice as you might have missed things like I have : )

I wont talk too much because theres a mass of info right here
And some 300dpi screengrabs which is something more studios should start doing.

Watch Shadow