Stop Motion Goodness


I had been wondering where PES went as I hadn’t seen much from him in awhile. But alas, he is back, and his genius is intact. His new short is a nostalgic retreat to the video game classics we all know and love in the unique PES style of taking irrelevant objects, and making them relevant. His stop motion is amazing. Pay attention to the way the ship moves in his asteroids rendition. That ease and drift just blows me away. Truly in a class of its own.

Game Over


Peter Sluszka of Hornet, brings this piece to the table.

“With a heavily desaturated look, “Samsonâ€Â? creates a fanciful world of paper which reads like a pop-up book using intricate cut-outs and origami. Opening with drawings of birds, the images soon pop to life as they move from 2D to 3D and begin to fly across the screen.

Allowed complete artistic freedom, Sluszka wanted to translate a note of sentimentality but steer clear of the pitfalls of clichés that would undermine the melancholic piece.”

Regina Spektor – Samson


david lewandowski

That stop motion is brilliant stuff!


nice BUT that flash players got buffer issues kind ruined it.


HAHAHA. Candy Corn. F*n Brilliant.


i think pes is a she, but i´m not sure. (oooh my long-term memory is driving me crazy. don´t know where i read that…)


no, he’s a dude. I saw him speak at MOVE last year.


Great to see a new piece by PES. Awesome stop motion.. Thanks.


Really clever; makes me want to set up the old Bolex & move some junk around on my kitchen table tonight :)

dregs dream

was the music video stop-mo?

beautifiul stuff. pes is ridiculous, and the music video is really pretty. always nice when its a video with some decent lyrics. spektor is pretty amazing in her own right. how many of you guys get almost more inspired by other art forms than just the constant stream of dope mo graph coming out these days- i dig seeing whats going on, and love seeing new work, but for me its still way more scientific than checking out music, or textiles, or arts that i can still appreciate with a chillike naivete. – allright that was cheeseball… but you know, i dont like that sometimes good mo graph just makes me want to get back on the computer instead of just appreciating it.

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