Gobelins! French animation masters.


This animation is really awesome in every aspect. The cel shading is really nice, animation is
spot on, the style is great. And I think the acting is just hilarious. The gorilla bopping the robot on the head, the little robot running and screaming and the gorilla’s flaming eyes and mouth… priceless. There are so many awesome and hilarious fine little details in this, it’s really enjoyable to watch. Gives pixar a run for the money. Those damn frenchies, what is in their water? They do some damn fine work.



Pat D.C.

This is a great piece. Have to agree Thread the shading and materials are spot on as is everything else. Good job Gobelins.

butler tot he b

Oh my this is funny stuff and looks great i do agree!


I love this piece. Thanks for the link.

david lewandowski

goddddd so nice.. Great little sound design too, it really adds to the comic value doesn’t it? Can’t beat the ending :)

Great environments too!


I’m back from the annecy festival (in france). The enthusiasm and passion in those kids is amazing.


that was wonderful! evil french *******!! AAAAAARRRG I’m player hatin on it!

I’m gonna watch it again!


Best character animation I’ve seen a in a long time. It seems to apply the same discipline as traditional cartoon animation. Everything looks deliberate on a frame-by-frame level.

I will say the robots’ design/movement seems to owe a bit to FLCL though.

sun moon

this is very good and funny.
i bet they wark really hard!
i gotto work harder ^^

thanks for sharing

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