Loyalkaspar updates


Loyalkaspar did some updating recently with a new reel, and a few new pieces of work. Of particular interest is the 60 second spot for Sampo, a financial institution of some sort, I assume. I thought it was interesting because it seems unusually imaginative and creative for a financial institution, but more power to them. It’s definitely more interesting than most the stuff you see for this type of business. Props to LK for convincing them to bite on utilizing such creativity, if they had something to do with that convincing. And lets not look over the awesome stylings of the spot. Really nice. I’ve always like the combination to real imagery mixed with illustration, and this is a really fine example of it. The use of negative space is great and helps keep the compositions sexy and a smooth. That feels like a loyalkaspar trait to me. The spot was co-directed with Jakob Strom of RenckAkerlund Films.

And of course their new reel is a fine showcase of the powers of LK.

Also check out the new VH1 films tag. Because of it’s size it’s kind of hard to see what’s going on. But it looks like a door opens up in the VH1 structure on the island, and a person goes in it. Nice subtle touch to the audio as well.



LK pushes art limits and creativity alongside with passion and unbelievable talent! I’m a fan of all their work because as you pause each frame – you can see the depth and attention to detail in it! Way to go LK!


The buildup of the character at the very beginning is nice. The rest looks rather like a student film. At least the animation isn’t very well. And i don’t like the photographic elements that much, cuz they look very static, like taken from the web and just pasted in there. Not the best direction overall i’d say, the clip gets boring quickly. But some of the other work looks good on their reel. Except the reel-music, doesn’t fit the reel at all imho.

Just my 2c


Sampo is a good example of a spot where the frames can breathe a little bit: We can understand more of a story and don’t need to rely on flashy transitions to stun the audience. I thought it was well done.


student films rule.

LK Rocks

Fuckin’ a. This is great stuff, as usual. I loved the Sampo piece – design, pacing, and animation were fantastic.

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