National Television – Bunch ‘o Stuff

Nation Television have uploaded a batch of new projects for public viewing, along with a couple of teasers for Nick at Night, Miss America 2006 and Fox sports – all of which look pretty interesting. That said, I’m somewhat ambivalent about this latest round of work from National. In times past there was always one (well, one at least) piece that really made me sit up and say ‘wow’. None of them do that for me this time. They are all solidly produced and designed, but none of them really grab me. Maybe I’m just getting old and bitter.

National Update 0706

Absolut “Mix it up” and Houlihans “Taste” are pretty classic National warped 2d/3d with clever transitions – “Mix it up” sharing artwork from the print campaign by Brazilian Benedita that seems a perfect fit for National and “Taste” apparently produced without anyone ever having been there. There are some beautiful compositions and it all meshes nicely, but I’m just not feeling it.

Nike – Total 90 “Hawk” is a continuation of their earlier metamorphosis spot(s) they did with nike, which we previously posted. Much like the first spot, I’m not really a fan. Although I think that would have changed had they been able to make the spot they reportedly first pitched:

“Originally we wanted it to transform into a robot-fist that would punch Zach Braff in the neck. Sadly, Nike asked us to ‘de-Braff’ our treatment…”

I would have paid money to see that.

Finally there are two spots for Nutrigrain “Magic”. Now, in Australia there is a very different product and advertising approach for ‘Nutrigrain’, so this is a little more difficult for me to get my head around. In truth, these two spots are probably my favorite in this batch – they’re rather amusing and the end product treatments are really tightly composed.

You can view and download them all, along with reading the National write-ups on their site. So, agree? Disagree? Think I’ve been drinking too much? Leave your thoughts below.



“I would have paid money to see that.”

YEAH! Me Too! I hate that guy…

dregs dream

the houlihans thing seems to me like it was some nice boards with pretty basic and un-flav motion.


you’re not gettin old/bitter… they’re just bland. well designed but not too crazy about execution.


Oooooh, i get it, “Bunch ‘O Stuff” just like “Cream ‘O The Crop” ahhhh, yea cool, like, awesome, like dude, like.
get it, the “‘O” is RAD, like.

I Heart Hypocrites

Ooooh, I get it too… “THA-DON” just like “the” except with an “a” That is really, like, RAD man. Totally.


Sir Monkey

I Heart Hypocrites – nice work. Couldn’t have said it any better.


yes i agree Bland.
and why does every motion graphics designer want to be a director. the only thing you are directing is your mouse.

Pat D.C.

THA-DON get a life dumb-ass & stop nick picking over little things and leaving idiotic comments.


I like their design, Animation is mediocre.
I am surprise, they have a lot of older cool work
The nike bird is nothing but eyecandy, it doesn’t go anywhere, lack of concept. I my opinion way over produced. A little cheesy…

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