motion design of the third kind

Here is something interest that I found inspiring. It’s not ‘graphic’, but it is design, and it does move….

Ben Hopson, an off the beaten path thinker about how products should function…

Really interesting contraptions here that would make an awesome avenue for creating definitely unique motion ‘graphic’ design work.

I’m getting confused.

Thanks to Lian Chang for the tip.



Dude, great find! That is some really interesting stuff. It’s funny how I’ve come to think of the movement in his works as being only the domain of virtual (i.e. digital) design, despite the fact that everything we do is grounded in the “real world.”


definently different and a great find, the stuff in the cards movie is interesting, really get’s you off the computer to more hands on oragnic stuff.


Very nice. Now we shall wait for Testosterone or Tengustone or whoever it is to make their ‘Oh so wise’ useless comments on the relevance of the concept or the real meaning of art….


Hahaha, yea, that dude has some cool stuff in there, a little wierd, but cool!

Onur Aksoy

Really cool find – Why don’t they get kids to create these at school?

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