This short film, entitled WOFL, by David O’Reilly is fantastic. I love the animation of the little wolf thing. I can’t quite explain it, but the subtle stop motion like pulses in it’s movement are really nice. Also, pay attention to the perspective shifts… there is something about them and how they were created that’s really great. And the use of simply cutting out square sections from the trees make for some really fantastic compositions, which lend themselves to the story even. Great stuff. Except for the picture of that dudes head. I saw that guy on the internet awhile back. He has some disease, and is quite scary looking. Poor guy.

David O’Reilly – ‘For me it was an experiment with a few visual things before I went into something bigger. In any case I’m happy and equally surprised that others seem to like it.’

Looking forward to seeing what this ‘bigger’ is….



I think i like it. some of the compositions are really nice like you said, its just soooo strange. This is not a bad thing, i love the bit when the big opera voice gets really loud.



Oddly haunting. I has sort of stuck in my head since I saw this a while ago. The evocation of disney and old-school gaming is not nostalgic in a ‘hey, remember this’ sort of way. For me it recalls a childlike outlook, more easily amazed and frightened.

Better copy at http://www.ycnonline.com/images/doreilly_video/wofl.mov


I “ROTFLed” so much the first time saw it… I think It’s awsome. Great Stuff




I don’t believe I have wasted my time watching this.
I thought there was a message at the end, but the whole thing has no meaning. Stupid video, sorry.


I respect the last user’s comments towards this work. Personaly I feel you need either a background in experimental works or just have a special appreciation for this genre of work.

Although I do respect people’s opinions, I would like to also mention to Justin how much I enjoy when you put up disjointed narratives online. It gives us a nice break from the more corporate related works.

Thanks just.


Yeah, David O’Reilly has some really great, and rarely coherent work. I realy love his duck/rabit vid, best take on that old double immage idea I’ve seen in a long time.


love it love it love it.

Mr. C

This guy is a fucking genius, supposedly hes only 20 years old…. found more at http://www.davidoreilly.com

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