Directors Notes


Guilherme Marcondes recently tipped me off to a great podcast called Directors Notes, for which he was recently interviewed. It’s a really well-done show that, in the words of Guilherme, “fills the same gap [as] Motionographer, but with its main focus on short films instead of motion design. It gives you deeper information on the creation of films rather than just breathless QTs posting. They interview new independent directors every week and make an audio podcast available for you to listen, along with (of course) links and a clip of the film featured in it.”

I checked out the interview with Guilherme, and it’s just as he described. The show’s host does a nice job with the questions, and Guilherme shares a great deal about his process and work. I’ve subscribed via iTunes and look forward to checking out the other interviews.

For the uninitiated, Mr. Marcondes worked for Lobo and is currently working with Motion Theory. He’s also done some independent short-film directing, including, “Tyger,” a hybrid short film based on the eponymous poem by William Blake.

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Justin Cone

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