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We’ve posted its original incarnation, but Impactist’s “Field Trip” series has a few new additions. Doubling the content, Kelly and Daniel have released not only three new shorts, but several new music tracks as well. Each of their animated “trips” are beautifully crafted gems, but “Collection” in particular caught my eyes and ears. The animation, video, and sound are masterfully intertwined, and its story simple. All in all, Field Trip is a nice refresher from the never-ending bombardment of swirly eye candy we call “advertising”.

Visit the Field Trip mini-site.



“Field Trip is a nice refresher from the never-ending bombardment of swirly eye candy we call “advertisingâ€?.”

I couldn’t agree more. Amen.


I agree as well. It is very refreshing to see thoughtful, intimate, handcrafted pieces like this.

Impactist = Quality


seeing the “making of” section of each piece really puts in perspective for me what impactist is all about. so much detail, original technique, and hard work go into beautiful works from a company that’s probably busy enough as it is with their advertising clients.
i’d love to hear more about the process behind “hong kong 68.”

Kelly & Daniel

Thank you for all the kind comments regarding the Field Trip Series of projects. We created the project with really only ourselves in mind as the sole audience since the entire project was developed and completed as a sort of combined autobiography of our grade school years. We are happy to see they have been received as we had intended with each one being a small, simple, and succinct reflection on those little moments using techniques that remain approachable and not overtly complex.

We provided the ‘making of’ portions to continue the themes of elementary education where sharing and learning are so important.

In response to the question regarding “Hong Kong 68”:

Honk Kong 68 is potentially the most obscure of the series to an audience other than ourselves, though we feel it to be the most factual due to the materials and techniques involved. The footage is all original in the sense that it was capture by one of our parents operating as a marine sniper during a period of leave they were granted during the Vietnam conflict in 1968. The preserved footage was then transferred for use just recently.

Often in class, during our years in elementary school, films focusing on a location or culture would be exhibited, some times in place of a cancelled field trip. These films were not always the most professional in the sense that the footage was obviously a combination of different stocks and times of production. Within Hong Kong 68 we sought to recall those in-class films and explore the idea that this very film could have been included within one of those spliced together reels without ever being aware that the footage was captured on a trip to escape the stresses and dangers of daily patrols and attack.

We wanted there to be a feeling of uncertainty with regards to the images and direction of time. Therefore, we developed a technique that allowed us a smooth, textural transition between the scenes that still maintained the feeling of a physical medium. Example images and more information about this custom process is available by clicking the ‘making of’ link on the Hong Kong 68 project page.


Kelly & Daniel


thanks kelly and daniel. i’m looking forward to seeing more from you guys. great work.


I just think the pieces are boring and feel outdated..
No real merit in Design or excecution.. not even a good idea..

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