Volume, a luminous interactive installation, lights up London


V&A and Playstation ® teamed up with United Visual Artists and onepointsix to present Volume, an interactive audio/visual installation. The colors are stunning and the interaction with the viewers is fascinating. This really pushes the definition of what exactly motion graphics is and how it can be used…and if you don’t buy that, at least it’s real purdy to look at…

Download the hi-res video here (72.2mb)


Simon Robson

The video is fascinating and as John says the installation looks beautiful. It’s difficult to get a grasp from the clip of how the installation reacts to the audience as they interact with it. Being in London I guess I can go and see for myself. Any ideas when this is on until?


meh… if you want to see light manipulation that’s truely mind blowing, go to Burning Man!!


UVA is tops. I’ve never really lumped them into the “motion graphics” category… always two notches above. ;) I think the rest of their portfolio speaks for itself. Projects like “Echo” and the “Hamish Marrow” fashion show are executed perfectly. Tackling Processing and VVVV is can really open ones eyes to the future possibilites in video.


very very engaging and interesting. it’s nice to see the digital art evolution taking place… especially in the field of installation work. there are a lot of great installation pieces out there, but there are a lot of hacks as well. this by no means was made by a huckster.



agree with douglas, this is so far from ‘motion graphics’

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