JJ & Maithy

While perusing mograph today I stumbled upon updates on both JJ and Maithy’s part… however, seperate! Upon investigation of Hornets site, Maithy is no longer side be side with JJ, in fact, isn’t even there at all, and JJ has a new piece up. The impressionauts is a quirk of an animation, imaginative, charming, cute, and… kinda gross at the same time. Amazing really, as expected, from the stylings to the animation, all the way down to the sound design, which is really well done. The fact that you can hear the innerds of that huge woman jiggle about as she chuckles makes me uncomfortable, as I’m sure they are so designed to.

Maithy also has a new reel up, which is certainly a show, fully intact with an intermission and all…

Always nice to see new work from either of these peeps.