FUEL + Sydney Film Company like McDonalds


FUEL International along with the Sydney Film Company have produced this great little tvcfor McDonalds here in Australia. Directed by Josh Baker, the spot featues these little imagination-driven vignettes depicting how kids might see the world as opposed to their parents. As the press release states:

“Kids tend to see things a little differently to the rest of us. A simple trip to McDonald’s heads in a more magical direction.”

Its really a VFX-driven piece moreso than motion graphics, but the story/concept is quite sweet (although I’m sure I’ve seen something similar in terms of the alternate-views type thing before) and it is wonderfully executed. Strangely, the point is to promote a new product line of pasta happy meals as a follow on to McDonalds apparently becoming more ‘healthy’. It’s McDonalds dammit, if you want your kids to eat healthy, don’t take them to McDonalds!

Uh, while I go calm myself down, you can check out the quicktime here.


Simon Robson

I think the spot is great. The VFX are top notch. I particularly like the robot arm bit. I’m sure i did that as a kid, especially after seeing the end of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, with Luke and his robotic arm. But it’s so sad that the obvious talent employed here had to be used on a McDonalds spot. Can’t McDonalds just go away quietly? Just go and fade off into the night? Wouldn’t the world be , even ever so slightly, a better place?


That pasta looked so gross! I think they give you a little dipping tub of marinara sauce.


hmmm… McDonalds attempt at their own “Happiness Factory”? It wasn’t at all exciting, the music was putting me to sleep.

Visuals were nice, but every 13 year young kid with a 3d program can render plastic.

Quickly forgotten.


were those little nugget ravioli things? I would say inspired by happiness factory but alot different…I love the concept


I thought it was wicked… great concept…. like the diggers especially…


Hmm, McDonalds…No wonder those kids are tripping out.


I don’t know how I would feel promoting such a corporate monster that eats away at our physical well being, but it’s very well done.


dang, talk about a milf


Wow, this is some great special effects there. Is the girl cg? How else did she fly that thing.


Seamless integration of CG, perfectly subdued color palette – not running out to McDonalds for it but still very happy from the viewing experience which I’m sure leaves the Macdonald’s brand managers very tickled.


From what I know, this thing was made back in June 2006 – and has been on hold due to ‘technical difficulties’ with the ‘product’. Not inspired one bit by Happiness Factory… though that was obviously a kick-ass blow-your-mind piece of creative. This one’s not attempting to change the world…. it’s small, and cute, and tells its little story perfectly. Well done to all involved.


I hate mackers. hate the voiceover at the end that said ‘healthy food for your kids? go to mackers’.

But the robot arm is indeed awesomeness. i just cant stifle the gag reflex at the thought of taking children to mac donalds.

Onur Aksoy

Awesome! I caught the last few seconds of this on TV. Now I can see it in full

ali m

good to see some more involved spots on tv over here at the very least. it made my whole house smile first time we saw it (then gag at the sight of the plastic food). I love the scuff marks on the ship and the carnival matte too!


.. was that pasta? they should have graded it better…


Yeah good tip. I’ll get right on that. Grading… who would have thought.

Hurf McDurf

“Visuals were nice, but every 13 year young kid with a 3d program can render plastic.”

Where can I download your reel?


fast food advertising was banned in the uk a few months ago. its strange because seeing that ad already feels really really wrong.

great effects thou!


Hoodle Mick McDoogle

hey yeah, AndrewH, would love to check out your plastic renders! Every 13 year old with a computer can post a critism.


Andrew H, every 13 YEAR OLD is smarter than you. Check your grammar.


You could watch that a fair few times over and not get bored, unlike a few other spots.

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