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SCAD student Jarratt Moody is in Time-based Typography I here at SCAD (a course for which I’m currently the teaching assistant), and he recently finished up a really nice piece for the first project in the class. The basic idea of the project is to take a piece of audio from wherever (movie, song, poetry reading, answering machine) and then represent that audio on screen using only typography.


Jarratt chose a famous bit of dialogue from Pulp Fiction as his subject matter. (Okay, what dialogue from Pulp Fiction isn’t famous?) The resulting piece is full of whimsy and style. Jarratt does some great things with scale and simple but effective camera movements. Get those headphones on and prepare yourself for several lashings of Samuel L. Jackson’s naughty tongue.

Watch the piece | Visit Jarratt’s site

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



I agree, not that cool. After all, it is student work, and it looks like a student project. I hope motionographer doesn’t become a whore page for SCAD students.


i know it’s been said ALLOT – but this is ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT!! … I LOVE it!

Herb Lubalin

You’re my new hero.

Keep up the good work!

I’d love to see more.

Roger Poole

Excellent job!

Sheik Yerbouti

Screw the haters. This was a great piece and very inspiring.


I love it. Awesome. Is this on youtube? If i blog it, I’d like to embed it.


Fabulous and well executed. I felt as if I was watching the movie with a little extra panache.


Now everybody get back to animating in-store cigarette ads. This piece has gotten enough drool on it.


Forgive the initial ramble…

I’m a nerd. I build the backend for very large websites. As such all the designers I work with on a regular basis hate me because I think black text, white background with no styling or graphics is great because it equals performance and low bandwidth costs
Kudos to the designers who remind me that sometimes graphics and styling are important (Cat, Kerri, Brett, Tai – sorry!).

I never (or very, very rarely) feel the urge to flag graphics to other peope (beside the fact I have no credibility!) but as a layperson this piece is awesome.

Unlike the jaded professionals who point out that it’s been done before (and I’m sure I remember use of animated typography on kids TV shows such as early Sesame Street) they forget. This is a student. Doing a homework assignment. On his own. Not a studio with a dozen dedicated folks and an intern to fetch the coffee, a client to bill blind and half a million dollars worth of equipment.

It seeks to deliver a message, in a constrained medium while capturing the feel and mood of the dialogue. And it succeeds.

It heartens me to see talented ceative newcomers like this (and amuse me to see the jaded hacks try to knock them down to protect teir own lame reputations and work). I open magazines, visit websites, watch TVCs today and fail to be engaged by the vast majority.

If this had been a product pitch the pace, energy and simplicity would have piqued my curiosity. I expect to see it surface (ripped off by a mainstream agency) but without the purity advertising dog food or something very soon!




now on boing boing! good job :-)


I like how it ends talking about fucking Mrs. Wallace….who is also the president of SCAD


Unlike the MK12 material this one is better for what the other lacks. Simplicity. The MK12 piece is wayyyy to cluttered and doesn’t track well. Just a jumble. This one has a lot of humor and is projects the intense dialogue better. Even the blood isn’t distracting.

Plus I’m a sucker for watching type fall into a jumble. (Don Hertzfeldt did this to great comedic effect in “Rejected”) Great opening, and really makes the sound foley a feature and not something that needed to be skipped over.


Jarratt… can I get in line to give you another fellow-SCAD-student-sympathy-hand-job?!!


Maybe if we all tell each other we’re great and agree to not hurt each other’s feelings (I’ll like yours, if you like mine!) then our confidence level will collectively sky-rocket inadvertently making us more talented!

I think jm said it best by declaring your pretty-good-for-a-student piece genius! That sucks though man, looks like there’s nowhere to go but down… oh wait, I guess we could add another “genius!!!!! genius!!!!! genius!!!!! genius!!!!!” to it.

If only my wrist could stroke with the fluidity of jm’s.


i love the PES piece posted in the quickies… sorry i had to post a comment here, but the “quickies” section doesnt have options for comments.
I also like Joel’s updates.. his work has been maturing in a really good way as he has been in the game since before the vector days. He also seems to be more of a music video style designer now.


oh and justin’s friend’s typo what-ever it is thingie is ummm… donno…. a good excersise? im not sure what we are suppose to be looking at other than someone learning to keyframe type sideways, upwards and down to keep up with VO in after affects…? well, ummm… have a good day?… i mean im not sure what we are suppose to be saying here….?


This is positively, absolutely, fukn awesome!
Blends and compliments the dialog beautifully….

10/10 motherfucker


Just plain cool.

Evan Erwin

Just wanted to say I loved the piece. Thanks for sharing it, I look forward to your future work :)


Awesome! Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.


the is well done, but thats it, there are so many better studentpieces out there! anf its not very original at all!


Christ, why do some people have to declare a fine piece of work “mediocre” or “not that cool” to feel better about themselves?

I, as well as just about every person who doesn’t do this sort of stuff for a living, was very impressed and entertained by this piece, and showed it to a bunch of my friends, who also found it impressive and entertaining.

To those of you who insist on heaping your disapproval on someone else’s creation: First, show me how *you* can do better. Then, eat a dick. Even if it’s not a world-renowned masterpiece, discouraging a student who’s learning (and doing a damn good job of it, evidently) is both stupid and reprehensible.


Definately. Besides, the best works of art are always invariably copies of something else in one way or another. Being original doesn’t have to mean coming up with new ideas, it can also be building upon and changing old ideas to create a fresh piece.

As Samuel L. Jackson would say, I am tired of these motherfucking naysayers on this motherfucking website! Good motherfucking use of typography, motherfucker!


“As Samuel L. Jackson would say, I am tired of these motherfucking naysayers on this motherfucking website! Good motherfucking use of typography, motherfucker!”


The pretentious hacks are amusing. I highly enjoyed this piece, as did the people I showed it to. It moved me, as good art should.


Wow xy! It “moved you”…

It moved me in a diferent way.


Its an excellent piece and virtually all viewers know that. For the people who say its mediocre and and not bad; Jealousy is such an ugly emotion. You just know are incapable of creating anything of this standard, so feel the need to put it down. Its great stuff Jarratt.

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