Now Look What You Did.


MAKE in Minneapolis, creates two new CG environmental PSA spec commercials, all for shits and giggles… and a good cause.

Respect yourself. Respect your environment.

Watch “Cigarette” | Watch “Trash”



Thats right people, stop smoking. I hate it when employees at my job come in smelling of smoke or when I go home to my apartment and get to inhale cigarette smoke all the way up to the 5th floor knowing its slowly killing me.

These are some great pieces though. Love the 3d. I dont think theyll be very effective. Only because people wont find it cute.


the first one is FUNNY AS HELL.

the second on is just depressing.


I agree… In my opinion, it would have been more effective if it was humorous or cute.

Somehow reminds me of: and the gruesome ways they die…


OMG. prolly the best psa’s EVER made. bummer that they’re spec. i think they’d be great.


I liked the trash one the best, felt like it made more sense then the world starting on fire.


Very funny… I love the melting squirrel in Cigarette. Nice touch!


I thought the Cigarette vid was well executed. However, the Trash one for me seemed a little too disturbing. That is the affect their after though, isn’t it?


motion graphics needs to move in an environmental direction if it is to have any validity in todays society, consumption is no longer enough,tools like animation and film need to push the consumer to make positive sustainable decisions, this is a step towards that, I think the age of stuff merely looking cool for the sake of looking cool is going to get old in the next fifty years when the environmental problems we have created start to catch up with us. The internet and Motion Graphics are some of the most powerful tools for change in todays world, lets use them wisely.


those squirrels needed fire relief from this squirrel: (or maybe just that special minty gum)

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