Nakd produces three-spot PSA campaign

The PSA’s are for Canada’s Heart and Stroke Foundation, and are entirely conceived in 3D. Each piece has an emotional and personal tone to it, effectively achieved with the authentic yet subtly stylized look of the scenes which are simply, yet effectively voiced over. I thought right off the bat that the stargazer lily was a well executed time-lapse, however it was actually an intricately constructed “botanically accurate” model (I’m going to start working “botanically accurate” into more conversations”).
Vending Machine
“Making of” FX reel



Wow its been so long since Ive heard about Nakd. Nakd was my first surge of inspiration in motion.

Unfortunately, Im not very impressed with the spots. But then again its probably the best fit to the subject at hand and the heart stroke foundation. I did however enjoy the FX reel.


OK, someone help me. The audio on the “Making Of.” What is it? I’ve heard it on TV or in a movie… must figure it out.


Sounds like something from the movie American Beauty.
Or at least I think thats where the original song is from…


Indeed KGB. It is music from American Beauty the movie.

I just looked it up on itunes. The artist is as follows:

Thomas Newman – American Beauty (album is Leonard Maltin’s Favorite Movie Themes)


Hi Tofu… You are absolutely right. With such minimal cameras and environments, these spots called for a lot of restraint and control on our part. We tried to pack in as much subtletly and detail as possible, without detracting from the core message of each. Glad you enjoyed the little behind-the-scenes reel.


I’d have to say overall I like the tone of the spots but I think the lighting
in both “Ultrasound” and “Vending Machine” are fairly substandard and novice. Also I hate the way the textures fade in on the surface of the flower. Just looks lazy.

Also using Thomas Newman for the audio… I don’t know… I think it’s a bit of a trendy cop out to producing something original.

But I’ll end by saying I think the creative intent is there. Just bad execution.


I really enjoyed these spots. Restraint is always refreshing. Some of the most compelling work comes from working with less – it allows the viewer to actually think, instead of just trying to keep up with a mass of hyperactive visuals.
By the way, Thomas Newman’s work is incredible – one of the best film composers out there, in my opinion.


wow! good job.
Very nice to see Nakd is back in business and fine form after such a disasterous year.
Good luck to the studio. You guys are building up a very impressive reel. Look forward to seeing what comes next!!
Also love the track. Seems everyone else does too.


As cheesy as it sounds, I cant believe that someone at NAKD spoke to me. haha. Its almost as if I met a celebrity.

Either way, keep bring out work as we’re all looking forward to seeing it.

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