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Elliot Blanchard is another unsung hero of the New York scene. He is a freelance animator/designer with an impressive collection of work. He has been a corner stone of Stardust’s New York office for the past year and has had a hand in most of the studios bigger jobs. If you have been to any subway in NYC in the past few months you have seen Elliot’s handy work on the Pepsi campaign that has taken over every lcd monitor playing at the entrances.

His personal projects are also very worthy of attention, he recently showcased his project “Paper” at the South by Southwest film festival as well as Smilefaucet and is currently working on a very cool short film entitled “War Bride”.

Elliot also has some pretty cool photography you can view at the bottom of his page of the many places he has traveled to in the world.

Lastly, if you are ever in need of an answer to life’s oddest and most ridiculous questions, Elliot happens to also be a walking wikipedia resource. If you have any inquiry, whether it be about Maya, After Effects or the indigenous tribes of Papua New Guinea, he will have the answer you are looking for.

His site is www.royalcolornetwork.com/

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he’s also a master at sending links over IM. nice work man__


Elliot is the “Pocket Hercules” of the New York scene. His commitment, design sense and unwavering attention to detail made him an invaluable asset to me over the past couple years. (both in the studio and on the battlefield)
Word up bro!


and he can grow a damn formidable beard.


great work, it has this “look’s like everything else” feel to it..

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