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Danny Yount is an award winning designer who is currently a creative director at Prologue Films. He has a keen eye for typography, and the extensive list of major main title sequences on his site proves it. He designs with a great sense for story and with just the right amount of playfulness to keep his designs from being too serious.

His reel is certainly worth seeing and then starting over and watching again. He cut it together with impeccable timing to the music that keeps you entertained throughout. A very hard task to achieve, and from the looks of it, he does it with ease. Prologue is lucky to have him on board.

Danny can also handle a camera, check out his photography for some quality imagery.


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Wow, you rock Danny!


Your demo reel always amazes me. The audio sync with the visuals are great. The best part is when you have the MTV VMA drum player on screen simulataneously with the audio from the drums of your demo reel music. I want to do more cool stuff like that. I am inspired.


finn mckenty

without a doubt one of the very best in the biz. love the use of color in particular.

Paul Ducco

yeah definitely an inspiration.


The audio doesn’t really work for me IMO.
The graphics however are F’n awesome!
Amazing work.


wow. that was flawless. Even just for the editing it was worth a look, but the graphics are one after another after another.


Great variety of work, and a kick ass sense of timing.


you should be your own company with a reel like that.

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