CA-Square creates network brand package for GSN

GSN has a clean, shiny, new network brand package thanks to NY based studio, CA-Square. The package is simply designed and tightly held together by traditional color theory, effective transitions and just good, basic design principles. I knew those college foundation courses would come in handy…



Well done CA-Square! Your simplicity merged with out-of-the-box design is the perfect example of form meets function. I’ve worked with GSN before and so I’m inspired on both an objective and subjective level.



i think it is simple but not memorable, or out of the box(it is a box). It lacks personality, but what i did like is the music-reminds me of the intro to Doug(nickelodeon cartoon).

Joe Clay

The use of color is excellent. Other than that, it’s simple and clean. I’ve never watched GSN before, but if they’re a simple station, this would be the perfect fit for them.


Anyone have another link to this?
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the link is working now

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