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New from Ugly Pictures, the creators of Battle of the Album Covers, comes a hard-pumpin set of promo spots for the 2007 VH1 Rock Honors Awards Show. The raw retro stylings of these spots are beautiful and energetic. Each matches the tone of the band it illustrates.

These spots, directed by Ugly Pictures and designed and animated by Matt Smithson and Daniel Oeffinger, are apparently the result of a request from VH1 to recreate their famous “Battle of the Album Covers” animation for the awards show. Well, they’ve definately gone beyond that and taken it to the limit (one more time). The result is an amazingly illustrated 2.5D world that is so well executed it looks as if it exists somewhere between traditional 2d and 3d animation (outside the realms of AE). Check em’ all out. Genesis, ZZtop, Heart, and Ozzy.

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Outside the realm of AE?


I think by that he meant that some of the stuff looks like it was created in a 3D app(Ex. 3ds Max, c4D, Bryce(jk jk))


BTW…”Heart” is my favorite….they look great.


Ohhh, hell yeah, bryce. I’m going to work exclusively in Bryce from now on. And SuperPaint


looks like AE to me


don’t forget adam, yoram, and viet!

even though viet was mostly drinking beer in the back and watching re-runs of Asian Baywatch.

Joe Clay

Does anyone else wonder why the bat head was stitched onto what appears to be a cockatoo in the Ozzy version? I mean I guess it’s supposed to be the bat head Ozzy bit off, but why is it on a cockatoo?

Joe Clay

By the way, just because Bryce isn’t mainstream I wouldn’t diss it too much. I’ve seen some excellent work come out of Bryce when people have pushed it past its limits.

Of course, I’d never use it for this type of work. I’m just sayin’ is all :)

Joe Clay

I’d also like to say that I’ve only found one good gallery of bryce images, and that was about 8 years ago so 3D standards were somewhat lower.


I wonder if on a TV someone will notice that one of the heart mermaids on the second mountain disappears about halfway through the video. Probably didn’t want to render out another 3-d scene in AE. If only there was a render farm for Adobe products.

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