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The Brothers Strause of Tight directed this very well thought out and executed spot for the Mercury Mariner Hybrid. The spot entitled Tree is heavy cg, but the choice to have the vines, the woman and the camera all jitter and jump as if it were stop motion keep it more interesting than just a glossy vfx spot. The sound design is also very effective in selling the spot.

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I saw this ad the other day on TV. Amazing piece. I love the skip timing done on her movement. Very nice.


Amazing yes! But am I the only one getting a “creepy” vibe off it? I see “Six Feet Under/ Opening titles”


@ MilkmanD:

Exactly. I saw this spot awhile ago, and had the same initial reaction. Although the spot is technically amazing and fun to watch, it doesn’t really seem to fit with the characteristics of what a car manufacturer would want to portray – clean, comfortable, sturdy, and modern.
Its a little horror film-ish – I’m just glad that the model didn’t have black eyes and shake her head back and forth really fast, because she’s pretty hot.
Besides that, great direction!


very artistic commercial.
where it’s right or wrong message it makes me feel something. better than any other num-feeling commercials.

great job!

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