Shilo’s Hidden Palms

Bicoastal design shop Shilo just released a brand new title sequence for CW’s teeny drama entitled, Hidden Palms. The intro is well shot and full of metaphorical imagery explaining the difficulty of being a teenager these days. With oddities like the rectangular chunks of grass, as well as the way in which everything is almost too perfect and balanced successfully gives the intro a feeling of unease.

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I’m in ur browzer, resizing ur windowz. :-)

That aside, I like it. The chunks of grass work well as a “podium” throughout the piece. I assume the guy in the water(not the face) is 3D?


Since Shilo’s resizing upsets me…

Anyways, the opening is slick, it is just unfortunate that I assume this is basically the new OC? These teen dramas are certainly crappy programming, but I appreciate them paying to get a good opening done.


I can see this is a good title… really, i mean, its well shot, timed, lit, executed… However, for me it reeks of a certain, one dimensional, airbrushed hollowness (man that sounded pretentious…). I dunno, i haven’t seen the show so maybe it’ll fit perfectly, but personally, for me, being a teen wasn’t about who could stand around looking the most bored and hip. I guess until i see the show, technically it gets a thumbs up, conceptually a thumbs down…


I was really anticipating a slo-mo splash with that reverse-crash-cymbal-as-girl-falls-into-pool shot. Clean. Generic. TV Friendly. Works pretty well I guess.


@ thelastmixtape: I haven’t seen the show either but from the info I found on the web, the shows characters are definitely ‘one dimensional’ and ‘airbrushed’. So conceptually it works well too.

AUTO Renegade

Not trying to be too harsh on this peice but I didnt find it particularly special. It was well done and looked good, but there was nothing in it that stood out as being specifically interesting to make me watch it more than 1.5 times. Also, I didnt see any visual metaphors that I could really identify as the difficulties of being a teenager.


That frame, tho, really good colors. Super luxury


six feet under: california


Fantom Cameras are making a lot of money these days.

i know Dave Chappelle did a skit on how everything looks cool in slow-mo, but common, i think we get it.
Teens would fall asleep watching that.

Marc B.

Look its THA_DON at it again. You bash everything no matter what it is. May we call you “troll”? Its one thing to point certain things out and try to be constructive with your criticism but so far all your posts have been talking shit.
I really would love to see your mindblowing stuff.


cheeeeeeeese. Nice bloom effect though.



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