Adam Gault’s new reel

Gault just put up a fresh and moody new reel. A lot of very nice work cut to the lingeringly slow pace of his chosen track. All the elements meld together quite well in his reel to create something that is a bit different than the usual poppy montages that are currently out there.

I very much enjoy the choice of a borderless animation on a black page with zero ui, especially for the segments in his reel where Gault decides to fade everything to black. Gault uses this blackness to his advantage to dictate the energy and overall feel throughout. By not being bound by a single aspect ratio he is able to alternate the scale and framing to affect the energy without changing the overall pacing of his reel. This decision allows him to keep the slow track but still offer those moments of excitement, it also gives his montage solidarity that does not solely rely on the track like many others tend to do.

In most cases, when a reel is cut to a slower track it can easily turn into a very lackluster experience. The choices Gault made and the work that he showcases makes the difference for this well rounded reel.

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Great work. I loved it. I’m getting a little tired of the fast paced reels. This is a good break from that.


Damnnn is right!!!

Didn’t expect anything less though. Great work along with a great reel…


Are you kidding, this shit is trash.

get off the jock and see some real work.

and whoever wrote that column about how great the work looks to a slow tack is totaly full of shit. I fell asleep while watching.

peace herbs


there you go yourstruly, i’ll put your work up so it can back your kind words


Nice work, especially like the adidas logo resolve and the shards/basketball pieces.


What I like most about Adam’s work is the intense amount of love the animation itself gets. It’s got a sense of refinement that is usually absent from move-the-camera-2.5d=animation stuff.

As for the the hate… Motionographer is a free service. You’re welcome to start a blog and show us what is and isn’t trash. But don’t pee on other people’s rug man.


Ok, now to all that think that THA_DON is a hater, right here is what he would call the real deal.
Look at the design, look at the animation, this stuff is pretty much the best there is in the business right now.
Adam and Carlo are topping motion graphics as the kings, and bring your people to witness, coz this shit is above and beyond.

Nice one Adam, keep doing what you do and show us all how its suppose to be done.

P.S Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


yourstruly, you are kidding.


jesus christ you idiots all talk like teenage boys in dickwaving contests. there needs to be an option on design-related websites to disable text because you people are a waste of it


I see what you mean by blacks and I agree. They give the reel a melodromatic feel. It doesnt look like its all pieces but as one whole animation.
And I really like the style on the swan animation.

Simon Robson

to ‘yourstruly’ and ‘babby’…Do NOT post your empty juvenile adolescent prose on this much-loved industry site. If you having anything constructive to say, form an argument and express yourselves coherently and with dignity. Comments such as ‘this shit is trash’ and ‘teenage boys in dickwaving contests’ are not welcome here.


Yours Truly went to SVA and has a big head lol. I dig his work but give Adam Gault some credit. His work is above par and the slow track really is a great break from the fast paced cover up reels.


that was a very peacful reel. Nice work all around. so much of it looked man made instead of machine made, which was easy on the eyes.


wow…its all really fantastic. I dig it, especially the music, and the design aesthetics.


actually im a sucker for the music, it sold the reel really well.

AUTO Renegade

That reel was nice. I like the fade-ins and outs which allowed you to anticapate when something is coming and not just fill your eyeballs full of fast-paced, unintelligible shapes and pictures. As for the trash talking, i dont understnd how any respectable designer/animator could diss this work. The CMT and Addidas spots are quite amazing as Im sure are all the other ones. Yourstruly sounds like the obnoxious “I just graduated from Art school and I know everything now” kind of jerk.


Some amazing work. A very unique approach to a reel… music is great. The pacing really gives you time to visually digest. It’s just too bad H.264 and sorenson3 add a layer of gray diarrhea on top of everything.

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