Diesel Holographic Fashion Show

It’s been really interesting seeing what new mediums motion graphic design spreads to. Clothing company, Diesel, recently implemented some holographic technology to use in a runway show in Italy, displaying floating images that interact with, supplement, and transition the live models. While the technology itself isn’t insanely new (The Gorillaz have used it for their live performances), it seems fitting that a company like diesel, who pushes the boundaries of design and many aspects, would use it in such an interesting way. Check out this link which contains a short write up about it and a you tube video showing the 17 minute show.

Spanish animation studio DVein created the animation, and denmark company Vizoo headed up stage production.

Found via mograph.net



holograms are cooler than fashion


truly amazing.


Yeah…It’s probably a good thing that it’s distracting from the fashion design itself.


i assume they are 3d holograms projected 2d onto some kind of transparent screen, do you see depth at all? kinda hard to tell without being there…


Rgrant, 3-d holograms can’t be projected 2-d….they’re either one or the other. The first image on the site is the only thing that would lead me to believe it is the highest end 3-d hologram…otherwise the single camera position makes it impossible to see if there is depth.

If it was the highest end, you can go around the hologram in a full 360 and see it from all angles. It isn’t the same as a projection at all, it is an actual hologram. The stuff is pretty neat.

But yeah, as wabash said, the holograms are way cooler than the fashion.


@Brett: it isn’t 3d at all! i’ve checked the “Vizoo”-link and it’s just a 2d projection onto the 4 sides of a glass pyramid! i wonder how they solved the problem with the interreflections of the (photo)flashes…


Haha, I stand more than corrected. I read about this stuff back when the Gorillaz started doing their ‘live’ performances, and saw the one they did with Madonna on stage. Apparently the ‘high-tech’ reports about it, were a lot lower tech than the blogs I got my info from. I wish I could get more solid information on this, and all the videos I see displaying it, won’t even give you a chance to see it from any kind of 360 view, without constantly changing the image.

My bad though. If anyone has a good write-up about it, I would love for a link, I still find this kind of stage performance pretty awesome.

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