Digital Domain: Learning Skills Council

VFX titans Digital Domain have launched a new site chock full of amazing work. One that leaped out at me was this interesting spot for the Learning Skills Council.


I’m drawn to this one for two reasons: 1) The fluid animation (yes, animation) of the hands, and 2) the clever transitions from scene to scene. The sustained level of creativity on display is so nice, in fact, that the dull sequence in which papers are handed back and forth is a real downer. Thankfully, the subsequent field of tulips scene helps us move on.

As for Digital Domain’s new site, so far I’ve spent most of my time in the Commercials area, but I like what I see. The work is up front and easy to access. (I’m not sure I understand the iPhone-ish buttons, though.) My only complaint is that there are no direct links to the project pages.

Thanks to Sofus Graae for the tip.

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