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Laundry just created a very enjoyable spot for Live Earth 2007 (concerts that will stop global warming with the power of music!). There are some great characters and moments crammed into this 15 second spot, I especially like seeing a laundrymat in the background of one of the shots. The full on 3d approach chosen for the spot is not the usual from Laundry but this qualifies as proof that they can do it very well. With everything super clean and simplified they managed to make a city like New York look like an environment oasis. Can’t wait to see more full 3d spots from them.

With environmental conscious products being the new big market, get used to the color green in motion graphics cause there is certainly gonna be a lot more of it.

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Nice- can we get a credit list up in this beeyotch?


I know its probably known by a lot but whats the tune for this piece?


It’s “Young Folks” by Peter, Bjork and John

Simon Robson

I like this very much. Clean and energetic execution. Very much ‘on brand’ for this eco planet saving type thing. It’s going to be interesting to see how the eco message is spread through advertising and mograph in years to come. The humour and fun here works well and is a welcome change from the sombre tone that can often become the default language of issue messaging.

count chocula

I think the credit list would include Clayton Richardson design/animation. He is a hot commodity and someone should snap him up before it is to late. Great work laundry! Go PJ!

Marc B.

I like it. But seriously, what’s with that young folks song. It’s been used in every damn ad in the past months.


damn, that’s some fine fluid animation!

I’ll admit that a lot of the time I come to motionographer for eye candy, and this satisfied my jones today.


p.s. Is it me or are octopuses on the verge of becoming a trend?

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